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When will I get my first period?
Typically, periods can start anytime from the age of 8, up to 18. However, it’s important to know that everyone is different and you won’t necessarily start at the same age as your mum, sister or friends.

If you’ve just started your period…
Once you have started your first period, you will have many questions that you want answering – from how long a period lasts to what products you need to buy — the most important thing is not to worry, as getting your first period is simply a sign that you are becoming a young woman.

What do I need?
First of all, you’ll need some pads. Lil-Lets Teens Pads, in particular, are ideal for your first period. Ask your parent, guardian or relative for some and expect to change them every two to five hours.

Before you go to bed, you might want to switch to a specially designed night pad as this will give you even more protection as you move around in your sleep. These can be changed when you wake up the next morning.

How long does a period last?
Your period is likely to last two to five days but could be up to ten. If you make a note in your diary of when it first arrives, after a while it’ll begin to settle into a routine which will give you an idea of when to expect the next one.

First periods, just like any other period, can vary from girl to girl in the amount of blood released or the length of the period, all of which is normal.

Why have I got a period?
It’s a sign that a female has entered a stage in her life where her body (her uterus and endometrium) have matured enough and the passage from the uterus and the cervix to the vagina has opened to allow menstrual fluid to pass. In other words, it’s a way of preparing your body to have a baby at some point in the future.

When will I get my next period?
Once you’re in a regular pattern, it’ll arrive between 21-34 days later. But to begin with, it could take longer than that. You might find that you have irregular periods for a while, but this is completely normal. It can take your body a few years to fall into its own regular pattern!

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You can also watch this really informative video on managing your period. Further down the page you’ll find videos describing your menstrual cycle and videos which can help you understand how to use pads, applicator tampons and non-applicator tampons.

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