About Us

Welcome to Bare Essentials!

We’ve lived in Hong Kong for 8 years and have happily made it our home. There’s a lot to love about Hong Kong, but I’ve often been frustrated at the difficulty in buying quality sanitary products. I’ve found that either the products that are available don’t do the job properly, or if I’ve found products I like, they are not always in stock.

Like many women, I have resorted to filling my suitcase with tampons and pads on my visits home.

So I am thrilled to bring quality British brand Lil-lets to Hong Kong. We have pads, panty liners and tampons in a range of sizes to suit everyone.

Meet The Team

Tori Hope


Tori has a background in Public Policy, Finance & Communications. Tori has lived in Hong Kong for 8 years with her husband and two small children.